Streaming & Recording

Reach your audience anytime, anywhere with webcasting. Whether giving training sessions, press presentations for new products or streaming annual figures, webcasting offers live and/or late viewing for everyone or a select audience. Both fixed installations and mobile streaming solutions are available, allowing you to broadcast professionally and recognisably to your own web portal.

Webcasting Service

With our webcasting service, you can reach your target audience without major investments, and with e-learning, students and learners can engage in education regardless of location or time. Our solutions provide simple and intuitive features for hosting webinars, allowing you to focus on content. Interested in learning more about the costs and benefits of webcasting for your organization? We're happy to discuss!

Streaming Service

Attending an event or conference online has become a common practice. Utilizing a streaming service allows participants to safely engage from their own computers. Streaming primarily involves one-way communication; viewers can watch presentations, but it's usually not possible to react directly, and if so, often with a delay or through a moderator.

Live Stream

However, the number of people who can view your event is unlimited, unlike interactive online meeting tools. Fortunately, there are effective ways to broadcast the live stream from the location of your choice. We can facilitate this and ensure the best audiovisual performance. Additionally, we can customize the look and feel of your stream according to your preferences with advanced video options.

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