Sound and acoustics in the workplace

Sound quality is extremely important during a video call because it directly affects the meeting experience. In addition, acoustics cannot be ignored today. Meeting rooms with large glass windows or concrete floors ... even with the best audio setup, you will fall short of conferencing comfortably with the far side.

Audio Equals Video

The meeting room is increasingly becoming a space where video conferencing takes center stage. And if the camera is important for being clearly seen, the microphones and speakers in your meeting room are just as important, if not more so! To ensure conversations sound right, both for those present and remote participants, it's absolutely essential to add external sound to the meeting room with professional microphones and speakers. Speakers in a screen are not suitable for video conferencing.

Follow Voices

Thanks to beamtracking technology, participants can move freely around the meeting room and remain clearly audible. With Beamtracking, for example, Parlé microphones can track speakers as they move around the meeting space. This allows users to focus on the meeting rather than where they stand or sit.

Speech Clarity

Superior handling of crosstalk and noise reduction means that participants inside and outside the meeting room are clearly audible, even when multiple people are speaking simultaneously. Many speakers are optimized for voice reproduction in meeting environments, providing superior clarity throughout the room.

Teams Room Control

Parlé ceiling microphones support synchronized control with Teams room systems to ensure that the device's LEDs indicate the mute status of the room.

Get Started Quickly

Biamp meeting solutions use pre-terminated Cat 5 cables and require no configuration, allowing you to get your meeting rooms up and running in half the time. Our automated tools ensure consistent settings, providing a great collaboration experience in every room.

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