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Roombooking, reserving and managing your rooms

To manage all your rooms, you need a smart room booking system. Our Roombooking is an easy-to-use software system that gives insight into all (meeting) rooms and car parks in the office. It also shows the occupancy status of the rooms, the room capacity and it shows you what facilities are available. And to make it extra interesting, you can book catering & extra services at the same time.

Room Booking System

Space management is more than just booking a room. It's about managing room facilities and understanding how office rooms are utilized. Our Room Booking software creates an office environment where Hybrid Working is the norm.

Book via mobile, Teams, Outlook, kiosk, and portal

Our platform enables employees to book rooms based on their preferences, enhancing collaboration in flexible workspaces. It offers a user-friendly platform for booking, check-in/out, and managing existing reservations. You can also gain valuable insights into office space usage.

Also interesting for the facility manager

The facility manager wants to know the occupancy rate of all meeting rooms, so he can assess how the office can be redesigned differently, more efficiently, or how he can manage his precious square meters differently. You can easily access and export reports via the browser.

Microsoft Teams is key

To encourage collaboration and communication, it's essential to integrate the right tools. We offer Room Booking integrations with Microsoft Teams, ensuring user-friendliness and time savings. Workspace bookings seamlessly synchronize through this popular ecosystem.

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