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Hybrid working in a smart office at Subaru Belux

An effective strategy for hybrid working opens the door to many opportunities: satisfied employees, attractive workplaces, and a more dynamic organization ready to grow. Such transformation also brings significant challenges along the way.

A New Office with a Different Work Philosophy

There is a need for a strategy and smooth access to the right tools and data. Leveraging engagement and collaboration within the company should be used as an accelerator for your new work model. Today, Subaru is taking this big step. There are few automotive brands with an authentic character. Subaru is one of them. Unconventional for true enthusiasts and for those who dare to stand out. Subaru is guided by three important core values: Safety, Fun, and Toughness.

Room & Deskbooking

Flexibility, efficiency, user support, and insight. These are the pillars of our smart office vision. The workplace of the future is a flexible office, where smart technologies (software and hardware) are applied to enhance the comfort, efficiency, and productivity of employees.

Built to Last - Ready for Today and Tomorrow

Our office solutions from GoBright provide insights, security, and access to relevant information. This enables hybrid working at Subaru, allowing them to easily and flexibly adapt to current (and future) ways of working and collaborating.

Meeting Without Frustration

Having comfortable and fully equipped meeting rooms was more important than ever for Subaru. Part of the staff is always present at the company, another part works from home, and external parties regularly call in. In all these scenarios, it was essential for Subaru that meetings run professionally without wasting time. The handy door panels from ProDVX also contribute to this.

Small – Medium – Large Boardrooms

The most compact rooms were equipped with Logitech Rallybar Mini systems. This video bar has everything onboard to manage audio and video seamlessly. The other rooms have the flagship Rallybar kits with consoles on the table. These display Teams 'join' buttons and offer handy shortcuts for, e.g., Teams FrontRow. We provided extra microphones in the table, which is useful for situations where the room is packed and multiple people need to speak. There is 1 room that we consider XL, the customer has two rooms with a sliding wall. The GoBright booking system also takes this into account, literally merging these two separate resources into one. As a result, the LED panels on the outside work perfectly in sync.

Digital Content with Centoview CMS

Subaru started with a display network consisting of 3 digital screens. These were placed at strategic locations in the new building. Centoview brings Subaru's story to life in the corridors. Centoview delivers the most flexible and easy-to-use digital signage solution on the market today. Smart content was also developed for Subaru by our design teams. The control is done via LG's SOC, with webOS, Centoview works perfectly. These professional LG displays have a special coating that prevents reflections. This incurs a small additional cost but guarantees excellent light output and viewing angles without the known drawbacks of glossy displays.

How Did We Make a Difference at Subaru?

We always look at the big picture and not just the meeting room, workspace, or digital signage screen. We combine our expertise in all these areas so that you always receive the best and broadest service. We also find it very important to link your existing systems and workflows, our developers are always there to assist you with this. We would like to thank the end customer for their trust and the very pleasant cooperation, as well as our common IT partner Dustin. It is a pleasure for all our departments to work together in this way.

  • BAM Belgium opts for our AV infrastructure

    BAM Belgium opts for our AV infrastructure

    BAM Belgium nv is part of the Royal BAM Group of the Netherlands: a construction group with operating companies in five European home markets, active in construction, property and infrastructure. BAM Belgium comprises large Belgian contracting companies with branches across the country. The organisation relies on pioneering knowledge, resources and technologies, as well as efficient AV techniques from Aviniti!

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  • Royal Zoological Society choses for Aviniti

    Royal Zoological Society choses for Aviniti

    The Royal Zoological Society of Antwerp, better known as ZOO Antwerp, is the best-preserved and award-winning nineteenth-century zoo in the world. It also manages ZOO Planckendael, Serpentarium and the Elisabeth Center Antwerp convention and concert centre. KMDA turned to Aviniti to equip the newly opened congress buildings.

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  • awg architects rely on solid av-infrastructure

    awg architects rely on solid av-infrastructure

    Architectural firm awg architects employs a multidisciplinary team of some 30 people. The firm has a long and rich tradition, and carries out a wide variety of assignments. These include urban planning and architecture, mainly in Belgium and the Netherlands. The corona crisis accelerated the need for flexible online meetings. To manage this new way of working, the agency turned to Aviniti.

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  • We enabled local police Turnhout for hybrid working

    We enabled local police Turnhout for hybrid working

    The police zone has fully upgraded its workplace to the new Microsoft Teams Room standards and is arming itself for the future. "Our DNA is our employees. On a human scale is our benchmark." At the local police region of Turnhout, you enter a safe working environment where you can and may be authentic.

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  • Pidpa opts for Aviniti's waterproof AV solution

    Pidpa opts for Aviniti's waterproof AV solution

    Pidpa supplies drinking water around the clock to almost 1.2 million inhabitants in the province of Antwerp. The operator purifies more than 175 million litres of groundwater daily - while maintaining quality and without interruption. Pidpa makes the same demands on its technological partners: high quality and 24/7 reliability.

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