Parking and catering services

This services module is designed to meet end-user needs and boost efficiency and security.

Graphic Representation of Your Parking Spaces

When booking a parking space in a parking system, it's easiest if the user can see the entire parking lot on a map. With our mapping, you have a complete overview of the parking spaces and their availability. Green means they are available for booking, red means occupied, and orange means they are booked and will soon be occupied.

All Roads Lead to Your Parking Space

These overviews are available in Outlook, Teams, the portal, the mobile app, and the reception kiosk! No reason to park recklessly at the office anymore.

Reserved Parking Spaces for CEOs, Visitors, Electric Vehicles, etc.

Not everyone needs the same type of parking space. Some may need one designed for electric vehicles, while others may seek a spot close to the door due to a disability. These unique parking spaces are indicated with symbols and can even be assigned to specific users only. This way, you can ensure that only people entitled to a certain type of parking space can reserve it.

What about License Plates?

It's also possible to manage license plates in the parking management software. When a person reserves a parking space, it's immediately linked to their license plate. This can be particularly interesting for security purposes, to know exactly who has access to the parking lot. These data can be integrated with other systems.

Feeling Hungry?

Coffee, tea, and water are welcome necessities during a meeting. Or a delicious lunch during the break. Maybe you need a second presentation screen or a wireless audio set. What do you do at such times? Do you let your receptionist handle it, enter the request into a Facility Management Information System, or contact the service provider yourself?

Menu Card in the Back Office

Determine pricing in the back office, the system automatically sends an email with the order to the kitchen or an external service.

Add Food and Drinks to Your Meeting via Outlook, Teams, Mobile App, or Portal

The Catering & Services module is not only a ordering service for users but also a complete order processing system for service providers. When you schedule an appointment, the backend automatically sends a notification of the requested item(s), quantities, space, and delivery time to the service provider. You can customize the service catalog to your liking. Divide it into groups, such as: food, drinks, and AV services, and create subitems within each group. You can see real-time statuses of approved, pending, canceled, or completed requests in our platform. This is accessible to both the organizer and the relevant departments.

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