Samsung QMB Series Classroom 3 scaled groot

The Samsung Flip is here for everyone

You don't have to be a professional to use the Samsung Flip. But of course you can, because the Samsung Flip is for everyone. Present via your laptop, tablet or phone. Make notes on the screen or visualise the outcome of your brainstorm with the pens or even a paintbrush.

Interactive Learning Experiences Accessible to Every School

The Samsung Flip 3 brings innovation to the classroom. With the new interactive learning experiences, educators have everything they need to revamp education in an effective and modern way. The Flip 3 creates a new and engaging educational environment thanks to the new software and connectivity options and intuitive interaction features.

Built-in Templates

The Samsung Flip is not only the ideal way to present your lectures. Thanks to the numerous templates, brainstorming sessions become more enjoyable, efficient, and creative. The Samsung Flip is designed to maximize both your and your team's potential. There are many templates available for strategy, management, HRM, finance, marketing, sales, and creativity. All templates come with a brief manual.

Operable with Both Pens and Fingers

You can write on the screen with the unique included touch pen, but you can also use your fingers. The Samsung Flip also has a brush mode where you can paint with water or oil paint. Even the relief in the paint becomes visible for the most realistic result. Users can utilize various colors, styles, and widths while writing.


Up to four people can write on it simultaneously, with any tool. Moreover, users can quickly erase drawings by swiping their finger or hand over them.

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