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Receiving GDPR-safe visitors at the office

Visitors register themselves via a tablet at the counter, with the "hosts" receiving an e-mail and text message that the visitor has arrived. The visitor receives a personalised badge and is ready to be picked up by the host.

Ban on Paper Registration Lists

As an organization, you want to leave a modern and professional impression on your visitors. A traditional reception with a paper registration list for visitors is no longer a reality today. Both customer expectations and privacy regulations demand modern solutions for visitor management. With our digital reception, a modern visitor registration system, you streamline the entire process, from invitation to departure, ensuring a professional welcome for your visitors, 100% GDPR-compliant.

Email Services for Smooth Flow

Visitor management starts with the invitation. With our digital reception, your guests receive a personalized email invitation, including a QR code. This QR code allows visitors to quickly and easily register upon arrival. This reduces waiting times and ensures a smooth flow at the reception.


Upon arrival, visitors scan their QR code at the visitor registration panel. This process is intuitive and user-friendly, significantly reducing the need for manual intervention by receptionists. Visitors can fully self-register and take a photo for their badge, which is then printed and handed over by the receptionist.

Host Notification

One of the great advantages of the digital reception is the automatic notification to the host. As soon as a visitor has registered, they immediately receive an email or SMS that their guest has arrived and is waiting at the reception. This promotes smooth communication and ensures that visitors do not have to wait unnecessarily.

Personalized Badge

Using a modern visitor registration system contributes to a professional appearance. Visitors receive a personalized badge that not only identifies them but also can grant access to certain parts of the building, such as meeting rooms or the company restaurant. These badges often feature a photo of the visitor, enhancing security within the company.

GDPR & Privacy?

Privacy and data protection are crucial in modern business. Our digital reception is fully GDPR-compliant. Visitors' personal data is securely stored and only used for the intended purpose. Additionally, the system offers the option to automatically delete data after a certain period, contributing to compliance with privacy regulations.

Professional Reception

With our digital reception, you not only ensure a seamless and professional reception of your visitors but also a safe, efficient, and GDPR-compliant solution for visitor management. By implementing a modern visitor registration system, you show as an organization that you are keeping up with the times and provide your guests with the best possible experience from the moment they walk through the door.

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