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Huddlerooms and small meeting rooms

"Huddlerooms" are small, usually informal meeting rooms designed for quick and spontaneous collaboration sessions or short meetings between a small number of people. They are often furnished with essential communication and collaboration equipment, such as a monitor, a speakerphone, a webcam and wireless presentation capabilities.

Spontaneous Collaboration

Huddle rooms are designed to foster collaboration even when team members are in different locations, through video conferencing or sharing documents and presentations. These spaces have become popular due to their flexibility, accessibility, and ability to stimulate spontaneous collaboration without the need for large meeting rooms.

Simple Yet Always Connected

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Affordable Technology

Simplicity is the key in a huddle room. There are few requirements, making the setup of this type of space inexpensive. A huddle room requires the following:

  • A (standing) table (chairs are optional)
  • A small LCD monitor
  • A video conferencing solution with the option for wireless content sharing
  • An all-in-one speaker/camera

Difference from a Traditional Meeting Room

It's a meeting space, shielded from noise and distraction, where productivity is high, and on-the-fly meetings boost teamwork. The concrete implementation varies greatly from company to company; also, do not underestimate the role of HR and facility in this story.

Informal Brainstorms and Idea Pitches

It's ideal for short discussions, quick brainstorming sessions with small groups, stand-ups, or ad-hoc discussions with remote participants. Huddle meetings can be face-to-face or hybrid. A huddle room is usually not reservable, making it a flexible and spontaneous space for hybrid team collaboration.

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