Aviniti digi receptie

Digital reception, start with visitor management

No one likes to be disturbed while working. Visitors, couriers and suppliers sign in themselves. Visitors are automatically welcomed and the host is immediately notified via the app. Choose the ultimate digital reception. Ask about all the possibilities.

The Strengths of Our Platform

  • Real-time overview of who is present in the building
  • In case of emergency, visitor data is accessible via the online portal
  • Customizable template of the Visitor Registration display and email, according to your branding.
  • Add directions, safety instructions, or a health check to your invitation.
  • Pre-register your attendees instantly, with your room reservation, via the GoBright Outlook Plugin
  • Integrates with Active Directory and Outlook/Teams Plugin
  • Intuitive & Plug & Play
  • GDPR-compliant and completely paperless
  • ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified

Register Your Guests in Advance

When guests are registered in advance, they receive a QR code in the invitation. The visitor scans this QR code upon arrival, and all their data is stored in the Online Portal. The meeting host automatically receives an SMS or email notification that the guest has arrived. The receptionist knows in advance who to expect, so they can print the badges beforehand.

Check In Fully Autonomously

Visitors enter the building without pre-registration invitation and register themselves on-site by following the steps on the screen. They fill in the requested information, such as name and email. They look up the name of the employee they are visiting, accept any safety instructions, and check in. The meeting host automatically receives an SMS or email notification that the guest has arrived.

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