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Deskbooking, your workplace reservation system

Desk management is so much more than just reserving a workplace. It is understanding your employees and their needs. Turn this understanding into efficient use of your office. The Aviniti desk booking software creates an office environment where hybrid working and hot desking become the norm.

Adoption by users

Introducing new technology often means that employees need to (partially) let go of their traditional way of working. We assist you with that, moreover, the system provides you with a wealth of information after just a few weeks.

Book via mobile, Teams, Outlook, kiosk, and portal

Our platform enables employees to book workspaces based on their preferences, enhancing collaboration in flexible workspaces. It offers a user-friendly platform for booking, check-in/out, and managing existing reservations. You can also gain valuable insights into office space usage.

Occupancy rate has never been clearer

The facility manager wants to know the occupancy rate of all workspaces, so he can assess how the office can be redesigned differently, more efficiently, or how he can manage his precious square meters differently. You can easily access and export reports via the browser.

System works for the user

View the occupancy status of workspaces and reserve your workspace within seconds. Use the smart app or online portal to make a reservation in the workspace booking system. Anytime, anywhere. Check-in/out at your workspace and set your personal preferences in advance.

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