Control rooms for your critical processes

Are you looking for a clear presentation of large amounts of information and various sources? Or do you want to centrally manage, visualise and distribute large external information flows? As experts in designing high-quality control rooms and control rooms, we can also provide this for your organisation. We have the expertise to present large amounts of information and various video sources in a clear way, allowing for immediate response if needed.

The Blueprint is Crucial

The control room forms the heart of a critical process, where the primary process is managed and any issues are addressed. A well-designed control room contributes to process optimization, efficient workflows, continuity, and improved safety. Therefore, the right solutions in a control room are essential.


Thanks to our experience with control rooms, we have developed expertise in all aspects involved in such projects, including ergonomics, furniture, AV technology, and infrastructure. With our project management, we can guide the entire process from start to finish.

The Operator is the Boss

A well-equipped workspace is essential for an operator's tasks. This involves not only facilities that support correct and healthy posture but also the way information is presented on the desk. For example, how many different sources does the operator need to monitor? How many screens are required for this, and what technology is used?

Many Aspects

Setting up or redesigning a control room involves various specializations, including furniture, screens, technology, lighting, ergonomics, and infrastructure.

Videowalls and Indoor LED are Leading

A videowall and indoor LED wall provide comprehensive overviews and real-time insights. Thanks to such a screen matrix, various types of data and videos from different sources can be monitored and managed. A videowall or LED wall is used to display live camera feeds, process data, system statuses, alarms, and other important information. Seeing is believing... and that certainly applies to these impressive display systems.

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