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Boardrooms or meeting rooms from 4 people upwards

Smart collaboration, secure communication and streamlined management of all devices: topics with an impact on your organisation. We guide you through all the challenges.

Demand Excellence in Audio and Video Quality

A comfortable and fully equipped meeting room is more important than ever. Part of the workforce is present at the company, while another part works from different locations. Even when consulting with clients, you want to ensure that everything runs smoothly and professionally.

Aviniti takes your meeting room to the next level by providing the right audio and video equipment as well as integration with your IT infrastructure. We're more than happy to update you on the possibilities.

Only Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams Room systems transform your meeting room into an efficient collaboration space with video support. Our systems and cost-effective bundles can easily be implemented in any meeting room and work with your existing displays and infrastructure.

We can also facilitate the use of other collaboration applications (such as Google and Zoom® Rooms) in your meeting room. Discover the simplicity of our solutions for small, medium, and large spaces. Make an appointment and compare everything in our showroom.

BYOD or BYOM? We Believe in Both

To facilitate participating in a video call at the office, suppliers (such as Barco) have developed solutions based on the Bring Your Own Meeting (BYOM) principle, a logical consequence of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). With BYOM, you can set up a video meeting within seconds with your own laptop and the AV equipment in the room. Then, with the press of a button, you can control all the peripheral equipment (such as microphones, video conferencing camera, etc.) with your laptop.

The Practice

This all sounds great, but an experience in practice says so much more. We have set up various setups with Barco Clickshare in our organization. Make an appointment without obligation and try BYOM with your mobile device in practice.

Audiovisual Options

We help you identify all user groups and needs. Based on this, we advise on our audiovisual options that make your boardrooms and organization a pleasant and efficient environment. We not only look at functionality but also at ease of use by mapping out a uniform operation of all your meeting rooms.

We assess how you currently work and together identify areas for improvement. With our guidance, we address issues related to capacity planning, network bandwidth, security, and GDPR challenges. Let our experienced people help you determine which option(s) best fit the needs of your organization.

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