Adaptive learning spaces, an impactful learning culture and didactically innovative

Adaptive learning spaces are typically found in educational environments designed to adapt to students' individual needs, learning styles and preferences. These spaces use technology, flexible furniture and customisable layouts to create a dynamic learning environment that promotes student engagement and achievement.

Flexible Layout

Furniture and space layout that can easily be adjusted to accommodate different learning activities and group sizes.

Technology Integration

Use of interactive displays, multimedia equipment, and collaborative tools to support and enrich learning activities.

Customizable Environment

Ability to adjust lighting, temperature, and sound levels to the needs and preferences of students and teachers.

Collaboration Encouragement

Spaces designed to promote collaboration and interaction among students, enabling them to actively engage in their learning process.


Ability to customize course materials and learning activities to the individual needs and interests of students, allowing them to learn at their own pace.

Barco weConnect

The demand for distance learning is increasing. However, most online learning solutions lack something fundamental: engagement. With Barco weConnect, we aim to closely mimic the classroom teaching experience.

Often, solutions are either self-paced online learning or based on generic video conferencing products. Provide much more engaging and effective training and bring students together in an active collaborative environment with Barco weConnect. It's a unique subscription-based cloud solution, specifically designed to meet educational, training, and learning needs.

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