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The added value of the Logitech MeetUp 2 video bar

Logitech has replaced the popular MeetUp video bar with the MeetUp 2 after seven years; it performs better while being cheaper. This video bar is also designed for BYOD (bring your own device) and works via USB-C or HDMI when used directly.

MeetUp focused on BYOD still going strong after 7 years

In 2017, Logitech introduced the original MeetUp to the market and didn't expect that more than a million units would be sold seven years later. Unlike Logitech's Rally Bar solutions, this video bar specifically targets BYOD (bring your own device). It's simple to use: plug in HDMI and USB, and you're ready for video calls.

The same principle applies to the Logitech MeetUp 2. You can use this via USB-C (for both video and control via one port) or with an additional HDMI connection. Connect the video bar to a screen, provide power, and you can easily video conference in a huddle room, for example. You don't need a license for Teams Rooms or Zoom Rooms; a laptop with Teams, Google Meet, or Zoom is sufficient.

Videobar with AI onboard

Logitech has embedded various AI features in the video bar. RightSound 2 filters out unwanted sounds such as echoes and poor acoustics. RightSight 2 focuses on the active speaker, the group of participants, or a specific person. This last function can be combined with Intelliframe in Microsoft Teams or Zoom Rooms Smart Gallery.

Although the video bar encourages BYOD, the IT team still maintains necessary control. Through Logitech Sync, they have control over the MeetUp 2 via Wi-Fi or Ethernet and can, among other things, check the status, install updates, or adjust settings.

Available from August

The Logitech MeetUp 2 has a 4K sensor, while the output is Full HD. Thanks to the large sensor, the MeetUp 2 can follow the active speaker or switch between speakers without a motorized lens. This integrated approach allows for sliding a lens cover over the camera, although this must be done manually as there is no motor control in it.

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