Aviniti matches AV with IT

Smart collaboration, secure communication, and streamlined management of all devices: themes with an impact on your organization. Aviniti guides you through all challenges. We enable systems to 'talk' to each other and seamlessly integrate them into your IT infrastructure. In professional jargon: convergence of AV and IT. In layman's terms: we connect various components together in one network.

The reason? Most audiovisual devices are network-enabled, giving them an IT character. This evolution offers unprecedented possibilities but also poses a complex issue. Challenges arise around implementation, management, control, maintenance, you name it. Fortunately, you don't have to tackle this issue alone. Aviniti is fully versed in the matter!

You can come to us for a specific AV solution. For example, an LED display to inform your visitors or a video conferencing system to conduct remote meetings. But our greatest strength lies in the smart integration of multiple systems – seamlessly integrated into your IT network.

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Digitopia Group brings full-service digital signage, interactive solutions, and collaboration tools to your organization. Discover here how we handle customers, sustainability, and personnel. Read here all about the acquisition of 29/1/2024.

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Aviniti matches AV with IT
About Digitopia Group

About Digitopia Group

We are an organization equipped with a very broad (digital) skill set. Thanks to deep technical knowledge, fancy content creation, and impressive interactive experiences, we deliver beautiful projects.

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